Frequently Asked Questions

How does enrollment work?

You would visit our website and select a class that best fits your schedule and enroll.  This should be a class that you can attend on a weekly basis. As soon as you are registered, we will set up your trial class and email you confirmation. If your desired class is full, you can place your child on a wait list and when a spot becomes available, we will contact you.

Is membership charged monthly?

We email statements on the 15th of each month, if you ever want to withdraw, we would have to be notified via the withdrawal form or by email. This form can be found on the home page of our website under the contact tab.  If no request is submitted, we charge the card that is on file on the 25th for the next month’s tuition.

Do you offer scholarships for low income families?

At the moment we offer 50% off tuition for families who live in the Frogtown community. This is an area between Oros St. and Fletcher Ave. and between Riverside Drive and the L.A. River.  We also extend this discount to armed service personnel, firefighters and the police.

If my child was previously enrolled, how can I re-enroll him/her?

You can log into your client portal and enroll your child or call us to re-enroll your child. If you are returning and have paid a previous annual fee, you will not need to do so again, we now charge a “forever membership” fee.


How do I withdraw from classes?

There are two ways to submit a withdrawal request, you can email us at info@theklubgym.comor submit the withdrawal form located on our website listed under the contact tab.  All requests submitted by the 20th of the month will prevent charges for the upcoming monthly session. This is for classes only and kamp or events.

Is there any type of prorating for a package (bundle) of classes?

No, the only time tuition is prorated is if you enroll your child in the middle of a monthly session.

Is there a way to test a class and not pay for it?

Yes, we offer all first-time students a free trial class. If you are currently enrolled and have makeups available, use a makeup in the class that you are wanting to test out, if you do not have makeup classes available, you can pay for a one-time class if space permits.

What is the intention of the “trial” class?

A trial is designed to test a child’s skills and place them in the appropriate level.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, there is a 10% discount for the second child’s enrollment.

Is there a multi-class discount?

Yes, we offer 10% off of the child’s second class, 7% off of the third class and 5% for every class after.

Are you a licensed daycare?

No, we are not a licensed daycare.  We do, however, offer Klub Kare Day Kamp for children 3-5.  Please visit the link to our Klub Kare Day Kamp website. It can be found under the Programs tab.

Do you have classes for special needs children?

We do not have specific classes designed for special needs children, but we do not turn them away.  All of our coaches are more than happy to work with special needs children and will modify their class so that they are comfortable.

Why do I have to wait to start a class when I see that there are 5/6 openings?

If the class is a Toddler Time – Transition we need at least 2 students enrolled for the class to be active. If the class is a 3 Year Old – Advance class, we need at least 3 students for the class to be active. We do our best to open any classes we are opening and will contact those on wait list for other classes and offer them spots in classes that we have added to our schedule.

Can I schedule makeups online?

Unfortunately, you cannot schedule your makeups online, but you can give us a call or email us with the class you are interested in and we can either schedule the makeup or let you know what is available.

Is there a wait list for makeup classes?

We only allow 1 makeup per full class and that is by a first call first serve basis. If a class is not full, we can schedule more than one makeup if it is the same day or the request.

Does my child have to be an active student to take advantage of a makeup? Why?

Yes, to take advantage of eligible makeups the child must still be an active Klub member.

If a class already has a makeup scheduled, but also has available spots for enrollment, why can’t you schedule two makeups in the class for my child and use one of those spots?

We cannot use the available spot(s) in the class(es) to schedule a makeup because we must give opportunities to those who really want to register/enroll and secure their spot for the class. If these spots are not filled by the day that your child is looking to attend, those spaces will be available for makeups.

Can I come in as a walk-in?

If the walk-in is the day of the class you are wishing to attend, we can make no promise we will have an opening in the class. If we do have an opening, we will have you register with us online as a trial or as a one-time class.  However, your child will not be able to participate in the floor activities until the registration is completed.

The website states that the class that I want is full, is there a way to bypass the wait list to get into the class?

No, in an effort to be fair to all, we are adamant about our first come first serve waitlist policy.

Do current members get priority on wait lists?

No, we treat all names on the waitlist with equal opportunity.

My child is turning 6 in a few months, why can’t I place him/her on a wait list for a beginner class now?

We are able to add a child to an older class if they are within a month of being “of age” for the class. Parents must contact front desk to make arrangements to waitlist or enroll their child into the requested class.

Do you have open gym? 

We do not have an open gym during our scheduled classes, we do however offer Klub Night Out once a month from 5:30-9:30. It is a time the children can come together for an 1 ½ hours of gymnastics, have pizza and watch a movie and have popcorn. This is a great opportunity for parents to have a date night.

Do you have open gym for adults?

We have added adult classes to our schedule for adults and the response has been so great that we are now planning to have KNO for adults. This will be similar to what we offer children, but for adults.

Why must a child be 4 years old for Kamp/KNO?

We are not a licensed pre-school or daycare facility so we must ensure the child is potty trained.

Do you have classes for children 10 and up?

Yes, we recently added classes targeting older children and based on the public response, we will gauge if we should add more.

Can my Kamp/KNO charge be applied to classes?

No, we are unable to apply Kamp/KNO charges to classes unless your child has a signed doctor’s note with reason for absence at which point we will issue you a refund. Kamp and KNO are special events and not treated as a class.

Can I bring alcohol to a birthday party?

Yes, alcohol must be served in plastic cups. You cannot sell any alcohol at the birthday party.

Why are you charging adults to use the exercise equipment?

Klub Kardio is an added service available to our members and not something that is included in membership. The equipment is state of the art and has a cost to maintain.

I am already enrolled in gymnastics, would I still be able to receive a FREE trial for Klub Ninja?

Absolutely! Klub Ninja is a program separate from our gymnastics program so you would receive a FREE trial in Klub Ninja. We can’t wait to see you in The Klub dojo!

May I use my gymnastics makeup in Klub Ninja instead?

Yes, you sure can! An absence from gymnastics may have a makeup completed in a Klub Ninja class.

Where is the entrance located for Klub Ninja?

The Klub Ninja class entrance is past Klub Kardio located by the balance beams.