✨[UPDATED: REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED] Join The Klub Gymnastics for the 30th Annual LA River Cleanup


Klub Family, we’d like to invite you to join us for the 30th annual LA River Cleanup, Saturday, April 20th from 9 am to 12 pm! The cost to register for the event with The Klub Gymnastics is $5 per person, all proceeds go to Friends of the LA River! Please read below for important details:

There are 2 steps necessary to register for the event because you will need to register with both The Klub Gymnastics and Friends of the LA River:

  1. Sign up with The Klub Gymnastics through our Parent Portal by clicking here
    • The cost is $5 per person
    • Each person will need to complete a separate registration
    • Each registrant will be asked what size free t-shirt they would like
  2. Sign up with Friends of the LA River by clicking here
    • You will need to complete this registration at the event if you don’t beforehand

Once you’re registered, meet at Lewis McAdams Riverfront Park at 9 am on April 20th, the event is from 9 am -12 pm! Grab your free t-shirt (for signing up as a Klub member through our Parent Portal) on your next class date at The Klub Gymnastics, any day after April 13th. You must request what size you would like by Friday, March 29th to reserve a t-shirt. T-shirts will not be available the day of the event.

Parking at McAdams Park will be limited so it will be a good idea to carpool or bike to the event if possible. No parking will be available for the event at The Klub Gymnastics.



About The Klub Gymnastics:

Our recreational gymnastics program will not only be FUN for your child, but will assist in developing athletic skills, flexibility, balance, coordination and discipline. The Klub Gymnastics mission is simple: To have all kids gain Strength, enhance Self-Esteem and achieve Success. This is reached through positive motivation, encouragement, effort and fun! The Klub Gymnastics will bring out the best in your kids “one cartwheel at a time.” Your first class is always free! (*Free trials not available for Adult Gymnastics & Adult Ninja.) Download our free app (available for iOS & Android)!

Klub Contact:

Phone: 323.227.5582
Email: contact@theklubgym.com

Press Contact:

Name: Dylan Cotter
Email: info@cotterthecreative.com