NOW HIRING: Help Launch Our New Ninja Program!

NOW HIRING:  The Klub Gymnastics has an immediate opening for a Ninja coaching position in Los Angeles (Elysian Valley). 🐸 KLUB NINJA is a fun new program that provides students a safe space for physical and mental development through obstacle course work with a focus on strength training. We create a structured environment for students to learn to travel through spaces with intent and a better understanding of their environment. Students learn and use a basis of gymnastics to create an individual “Free Form Flow” to find new and creative ways to learn through athletic problem-solving techniques.⠀

– 1 year of Parkour/Freerunning Training⠀
– Basic Gymnastics Background (Tumbling & Trampoline)⠀
– Willing to take on at least 3 classes⠀
– Willing to work with ages from 5 to 16+⠀
– Experience with a warped wall (12ft)⠀
– Experience with obstacles or rock climbing⠀
– Willing to submit background check⠀ ⠀

– Instagram handle⠀
– Brief description of yourself and where you have trained in the past⠀
– Resume⠀
– Description of why you would like to teach and what makes you a good candidate⠀

***Please send an email to: contact(at)⠀

Thank you and good luck!🍀⠀